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Gatton Primary School

  •  UPDATE:     Further to DfE Guidance, the school will be closed except for vunerable and key worker children (Registration required). 


Welcome to Gatton Primary School. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and open school that offers a high quality education for all our children. We hope that your visit to this website offers a snapshot of what we have to offer, and encourage prospective families to arrange a visit.




Available for collection from the school on Tuesday 19th January

Time: two options: 9am – 10am or 2.30pm – 3.30pm

Reception - collection point: Dining room gate on Broadwater Road.

Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4 – collection point: main playground gates on Broadwater Road.

Y5 - collection point: Y5 gate on Broadwater Road

Y6 – collection point: Y6 gate on Gatton Road.

 A member of staff will be waiting at the relevant gate to hand over the packs.

Please assist the school by adhering to these times. If you have any queries, email the year group email account or phone the

office during school hours of 9am to 2pm only.


Positive Covid Case_Letter to all parents 21-01-21 - View

Parent update letter 15-01-21 - View

Using PlayStation 4 and X Box One to access Google Classroom Guide - View

Positive Covid Case_Letter to all parents_10-01-21 - View

Positive Covid Case_Letter to all parents_05-01-21 - View

School opening_Parent Letter_02-01-21 - View

How to Use Google Classroom - View

Positive Covid Case_Letter to all parents 24-12-20 - View

Parents staffing update letter 17-12-20 - View

Positive Covid Case Letter to all parents_16-12-20 - View

Parent letter work samples 15-12-2020 - View

Positive Covid Case Letter to all_parents  14-12-20 - View

Headteacher regarding a positive Covid-19 case in the school 01-12-20 - View

Update letter to parents_Single Positive Case_27-11-20 - View

Letter from the Headteacher 27-11-20 - View

The Wordsworth test  has been postponed to the 10th of December

Letter from the Headteacher 25-11-20  - View

Wandsworth Year 6 Admissions Test - View

Flu Vaccination - View

Covid single case letter_parents_16-11-20 - View

Letter from Chair Board of Governors, Director of Al-Risalah Education Trust and the headteacher - View

Parent update letter 23-10-2020 - View


Covid Case  Letter to all parents_15-10-20 - View

Covid case_letter to 4C parents 15-10-20 - View

Parent Update letter 24-09-2020 - View

Year 1 Parents Curriculum Meeting Tuesday 22nd September 9am Instructions - View

After School Club Autumn Term - View 

Covid update letter_parents_09-09-20 - View

REMINDER FOR 4A - Home learning Access information letter Date: 19-03-20 - View

Gatton parents single COVID case letter_07-09-20 - View

Year 4A parent letter_COVID 19_07-09-20 - View

Parent update letter 03-09-2020 -  View

Updated government guidance for parents (dated 1st September 2020)  - Link

School opening Parent update letter 01-09-2020 -  View

September full opening parent letter AUGUST 2020 - View

DfE Guidance of What Parents need to know in Autumn term - Link

 Term Dates 2020-21 - View 

Annual Flu Information for All Parents/carers - View


September full opening_parent letter_16-07-20 - View

End of year letter - Reports, CT allocation, Updates July 2020 - View

School Uniform Update for September - View

Government Guidelines for Parents and Carers for September Opening - View

School Minibus Service 2020-21 - View

Home learning Access information letter Date: 19-03-20 - View

Government document providing guidance on home learning - Link

How to use Google Drive for Gatton School home learning - View


Messages For Children

Dear Gatton Parents

Assalamu alaikum

We pray you are keeping well.

 Please see the latest messages for Gatton pupils dated 22-04-20 from Mrs Fariduddin (Headteacher) and some staff members. Please share this document with your children so they can read the messages  written to them. The document is also saved on the home page of the school website.


Gatton School

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 Support St Georges Hospital and Help Save Lives

Allah says “and whoever saves one (life)-it is as if he has saved mankind entirely” 5/32

Nabi  said: “Allah will aid a servant (of His) so long as the servant aids others” Sahih Muslim


JazakAllah khayr for supporting our fundraising campaign for St Georges Hospital. Alhamdulillah, with your support we have raised £10,047.23 for this urgent cause. Please note that this fundraising has now ended.

With salaams
For and behalf of Al-Risalah Trust Schools, Balham Mosque and TIC

 Coronavirus Information

Wider opening of school from June 2020 - update letter 11-06-20 - View

Covid 19 appendix 2 to school safeguarding and CP policy updated for return to school - View

Key Dates 2019/2020 Updated 02/06/2020  - View 

Wider opening for YR Y1 Y6 parent letter_updated 29-05-20 - View

Gatton School COVID-19 Behaviour Policy amendment_May 2020 - View

Coronavirus update on school re-opening Date: 12-05-2020 - View

Healthy Living Leaflet - View

Keeping It Positive - View

Learning Through Play - View

 Headteacher's  message to parents  - View

Coronavirus - update letter  _21-04-20 - View

Wandsworth_Letter to Parents and Carers - View

Lockdown London - Things to do at home - View

Coronavirus - e-safety and wellbeing information - View

Covid 19 appendix to school safeguarding and Child Protection policy 2020 - View

Coronavirus - Update  Date: 31-03-20 - View

Children of Key Workers Form - Download

Coronavirus - school closure letter Date: 19-03-20 - View


Coronavirus letter to parents Date: 17-03-20 - View      IMPORTANT!! AFFECTS CLUBS, MEALS, TRIPS  AND EVENTS  PROVISIONS. PLEASE READ.

Coronavirus letter Update  Date: 16-03-20 - View

Coronavirus Letter To parents Date:12-03-2020 - View 

Other Information


Free Twinkl access details - View

Relationship and PSHE Curriculum Provision from Sept 2020 - View

 Brunel Museum Exhibition - View

Measles School Letter parents - View

Measles fact sheet - View

2019  Results Summary - View

SEN Information Report 2019-2020 - View

Wandsworth Information and Support Service   

Term Dates 2019-20 Amendment to May 2020 Bank Holiday - View 

Breakfast Club - View

New to Reception Induction - (2019-2020) - View

 DFE letter regarding phonics results - View

Letter from the education minister and letter from the local authority - View


If you would like a paper copy of any document published on the website, please contact the school office 

    House Points 

  •  1st - 6,190

  • 2nd -6,134

  • 4th - 4,597 

  • 3rd - 5,958 




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