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Welcome to Gatton Primary School. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and open school that offers a high quality education for all our children. We hope that your visit to this website offers a snapshot of what we have to offer, and encourage prospective families to arrange a visit.

Healthy Living

General guidelines for healthy living: 

Primary school age is the ideal time for all children to learn about staying healthy, managing a sensible and well-balanced diet, learning about others and being active.  

A headstart in life is essential for all pupils—the foundations for interacting with others and discovering new experiences and adventures. Life after school should be more accessible. 

The opportunity to learn, make friends, communicate with others, join in with sport, eat healthy foods, and be respectful of others. It is a like-new adventure in the eyes of young minds.  

The amount of physical activity young children have in the day will significantly contribute to eating and a healthy mind. When children are busy and active, it will help them have a healthier living style. 


Medical guide: 

To enquire about useful services for parents/carers: 

The National Child Measurement Programme: 

Healthy weight children, advice for parents: 

How to involve your child in being healthy – Change4life: 

How to treat head lice and nits: 

Dental Hygiene: 

Healthy sleep tips for children: 

The Eatwell Guide: 


Ideas for healthier packed lunches 

Further information and ideas can be found on the British Nutrition Foundation website: