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Gatton Primary School


Welcome to Gatton Primary School. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and open school that offers a high quality education for all our children. We hope that your visit to this website offers a snapshot of what we have to offer, and encourage prospective families to arrange a visit.


Dear Parents,

Assalaam Alaikum. It is our aim that pupils look smart , behave well and make good progress with their learning, acting at all times as good citizens of the school and the wider community.

The following is a detailed description of the dress code at Gatton School. It is vitally important that school regulations are adhered to, in order to keep discipline and a sense of unity within the school. We appreciate your efforts in upholding these rules and supporting the school.

I ask for your support in helping to maintain a high standard of uniform and general student appearance. I hope you will help us in maintaining these high standards that we aspire to as a school.

Mrs Iffat Fariduddin



 School Uniform Update for September - View

Girls Uniform

Boys Uniform

Loose fitting, grey tunic and trousers

White Shirt

Grey jilbaab with logo  (optional)

Grey Trousers

Grey cardigan optional maroon stripe.

Grey Jumper optional maroon stripe

Pinafore with logo and white shirt

Black or Grey socks

White socks

Black Shoes (No trainers)

Black shoes

Maroon Blazer (embroidered logo)

Black overcoat

Black Overcoat

P.E. Uniform

White polo shirt - short sleeved with logo

White polo shirt – Long-sleeved or short sleeved

White polo shirt - long sleeved (Y5,Y6)

Black jogging bottoms

Black jogging trousers

Black Plimsolls (Indoors)

Black plimsolls (Indoors)

Trainers (Outdoors)

Trainers (Outdoors)

Boys are required to wear long swimming shorts which cover the "awra".

Girls are required to wear a swimming costume that covers the "awra", ie both the torso and the legs.

(One/two piece optional )


The school's uniform supplier is: I&A Fashions, 84 Mitcham Road, London ,SW17 9NG, 020 8767 8613.

Uniform Booklet - To be update Shortly