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Gatton Primary School


Welcome to Gatton Primary School. We pride ourselves on being a friendly and open school that offers a high quality education for all our children. We hope that your visit to this website offers a snapshot of what we have to offer, and encourage prospective families to arrange a visit.

Our Vision

And say: "My Lord! Increase me in knowledge."

Surah Taha – Verse 114


Our school vision is encapsulated in verse no. 114 from Surah Taha from the Holy Quran.

And Say – This command at the beginning of the verse is in the imperative form which indicates the importance of action.

My Lord – a recognition of a greater being in control and sustaining all things, Allah.

Increase – the importance of increase in all its facets, increase indicating growth.

Knowledge – the importance of knowledge as opposed to other forms of increase which are not asked for in the Quran e.g. wealth and status.

Gatton School will fulfil this vision by delivering a high-quality curriculum developing our children’s knowledge, skills and spiritual growth thereby cultivating a productive Islamic ethos.


Our vision in action


Pupils will work hard and support other pupils to do so as well.

Pupils will lead through action showing politeness, kindness and resilience.

Pupils will achieve high quality outcomes.


Staff will be punctual, hard working and committed to delivering and/or supporting high quality teaching.

Staff will lead by example in their manners and etiquette with each other, parents, and pupils alike.

Staff will aim to continually reflect and improve their practise through continual professional development.


Parents will send their children to school on time, in correct uniform and ready to learn every day.

Parents will support their child to achieve the best in learning and conduct.

Parents will lead by example in their adherence to school procedures & policies and work to support its continual growth and success


Our Aims

We aim to actively encourage all children within our school to develop their knowledge and skills. We achieve this by providing stimulating work with clear learning outcomes that are challenging yet achievable. We continually assess and positively affirm the effort and progress made by our pupils.

We have high expectations of our pupils, in academic excellence and in standards of behaviour, appearance and character, both inside and outside the school. We equip our pupils with the skills to face the challenges of today’s changing world by encouraging communication, personal growth and confidence in their Muslim identity. We aim to achieve this by teaching our pupils about the value of good character and exemplary behaviour based on the best example, our beloved Prophet Mohammed ﷺ.

We aim to achieve all of this through collaboration between the child, the school, the parents and the wider community.


Our core values

The school is part of the Ar Risalah Trust family of schools and as such apply the core values of the trust within the school

Commitment – We are committed to providing an outstanding level of education. We are committed to go the ‘extra mile’ when needed to help children achieve the best they can and to help them overcome any barriers to their learning.

Diversity – We understand the importance of diversity in all its forms. We seek to explore and educate our children about this diversity through our curriculum and ethos.

Excellence - A culture of high expectations and outcomes. Gatton School is committed to the pursuit of excellence. As mentioned by the Prophet Mohammed ﷺ  the term ihsaan is the pinnacle of faith. Ihsaan has a comprehensive meaning which includes the pursuit of excellence.

Partnership – We want to be a place where children can experience and take part in the best opportunities available. Hence the school will endeavour to ensure that we create and make partnerships with a wide range of stakeholders.

Respect – We are committed to ensuring respect is fostered for all in society. This is intertwined with the school’s Islamic ethos which encourages respect and care for all. The school is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities under the Equalities Act.

Responsibility – We take on the responsibility to ensure all our children are kept safe and happy in school. We take our safeguarding responsibilities seriously and aim to ensure we fulfil all our statutory and moral duties.